Managed 2 Factor Authentication Service in Auckland


A 2 factor authentication solution is the new standard in device and network security.

Requiring two forms of authentication such as password and a digital token that needs to be scanned, the system will ensure that business devices and applications are 100% secure and only accessible by those who have both elements of the two-step verification process covered.

2 Factor authentication can be used to secure not just digital devices, but also web applications, web portals and many other online platforms in a very efficient and cost effective manner without all the usual overhead expenses associated with the installation and configuration of a two-step authentication platform.
Managed 2 Factor Authentication

HDS’s 2-factor authentication solution provides complete function and management features, making your rollout quick and cost-effective, and it’s compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines.


Who can use 2 Factor Authentication?

2-factor authentication is perfect for businesses that use:

  • Home workers
  • Mobile staff
  • Collaborators (using a VPN or an extranet)
  • Guests or temporary staff
  • 24/7 IT support staff

In Summary

Built with the customer in mind, our solution provides immediate support for hardware, software, e-signatures, zero footprint and mobile authentication. It’s scalable, so you can implement it in systems of any size – large or small. And it does it all without the headaches normally associated with two-factor systems.

Our 2 factor authentication solution’s modular design provides central user management, web-based administration, support for multiple platforms, and enhanced reporting features. It’s a complete Strong Authentication system that’s user-friendly, easy to integrate into your IT infratstructure, and perfect for securing remote access to corporate resources and web-based application, from SSL VPN to SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).


Key Service Features

  • Web filter support for access to in-house applications (OWA, CWI)
  • SOAP Authentication for protection of access to Internet Banking applications
  • SOAP e-Signature for validation of financial transactions
  • Licenses for up to seven servers
  • Support for EMV-CAP and optional Hardware Security Module
  • Virtual token for every licensed user


 Benefits of 2 Factor Authentication

HDS 2 Factor Authentication is a complete, out-of-the-box solution that verifies authentication requests and administers your user authentication policies. It’s fully scalable and can support tens of thousands of users, without affecting your mission-critical applications. The server can run on multiple platforms and support large deployments, such as automatic replication, redundancy, and server failover.

Our solution can easily expand to accomodate new users without changing your existing IT infrastructure. And adding more users and applications is just a matter of purchasing additional licenses.

Features a central web-based administration interface, accessible through any web browser from anywhere on the network, for remote administratio. Also provides branding opportunities for outsourced service providers.

The automatic deployment function eliminates the need for help desk involvement, and its other rollout and migration tools provide the smoothest possible experience.

Our 2 Factor Authentication solution will run seamlessly on your existing infrastructure, and doesn’t need any dedicated servers or other hardware. You won’t need to replace any existing databases, and you can integrate your data storage into Active Directory or a variety of ODBC-compliant databases.

Contact Us today to find out more about how a 2 Factor Authentication solution could help secure your business network.

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