Keeping your email communications safe and secure

Email is the backbone of communications for many businesses globally. Because of this, email is highly susceptible to extremely harmful breaches of security; behind portable storage, email is the second most common source of data leakage. However, this statistic can be easily reduced by simply making sure all email traffic is secure and cannot be accessed by an unauthorised party.

It is likely that your business will already have some form of basic computer protection already in place, but without complete coverage, data can still be at significant risk. By using our Email Encryption service, you can ensure that all of your businesses critical information will remain protected and confidential.
Business Encryption

Our Encryption security services automatically scan your inbound and outbound content and block anything which raises concerns. Users can also opt to encrypt outgoing mail manually should they wish, depending on their email service.

Encryption will not disrupt your normal computer usage, meaning your business can continue to send emails, surf the internet and work on important documents without suffering any interruption or loss of performance.


Encryption that works with all types of network

It also doesn’t require any additional hardware or software installations, and will provide an unlimited number of encryptions, meaning there is no restriction on who is making use of the service, and what they are using it for.

Recipients can access their messages quickly and easily from a secure web mail portal, or through their normal inbox, which will be viewed through a browser client. Their reply can also be encrypted, allowing complete protection from both parties.

We offer flexible effective Encryption services for both small and large businesses alike, whether a family run retail outlet, or a multinational FTSE 100 company. Various packages are available to ensure your business receives a tailor made service that exactly meets your requirements and all our packages can be scaled up or down as your business evolves.

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