Real Time Network Intelligence solutions in Auckland


Real time network intelligence is a vital part of our IT Security philosophy and is vital to many of our solutions including the HDS Full Attack Mitigation system and both CPE and Cloud based DDoS Mitigation.

As a standalone service, the solution will provide a means of transforming internet traffic into useful information about your network that can be used to increase security and improve application delivery efficiency.

Real Time Network Intelligence

HDS’s Real Time Network Intelligence solution will allow your business to accurately identify and mitigate high level security threats embedded within web traffic. The solution works by capturing, in real time, all user interactions with the network and will collect intelligence based upon this.

The system is capable of extracting high level traffic information from any user session and will integrate with most types of analytics platform.


How is it different?

HDS Real Time Network Intelligence differs from the other solutions available in the way it analyses traffic. The analysis takes place away from the production environment which will allow traffic to be monitored pro-actively which will provide a platform to protect business critical tools in ways that will lead to increases in revenue.


Key features:

  • Forms the basis of a modern approach to IT Security
  • Helps identify both existing and emerging security threats
  • Captures all user communications with your network
  • Ability to extract any piece of information from any user session
  • Integrates with most back end analytics platforms
  • Runs separate to the production environment

For more information about Real Time Network Intelligence and how it could be used to revolutionise your IT security, contact us today.

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