Managed IT Services


What are Managed Services?

Managed Services
Managed Services is a model of IT management where the responsibility and risk associated with managing your IT systems is shifted to the Managed Services Provider. Unlike the Break-Fix model, where service will only be provided when problems arise, Managed Services means you will receive around-the-clock monitoring and fast response times, ensuring your network systems are kept to the highest standards, and that any issues will be repaired as quick as possible.


How our Managed Services work

If you want us to manage all of your IT systems and services for you, from simple daily tasks to the development of your infrastructure and policies, then we can work with you to do that. A big part of our service is communication – we will always make sure that you know what we are doing, and respond to you quickly. You might just want us to provide an IT support service, in which case we will work hard to resolve problems fast and use proactive monitoring to stop them before they happen. Or, you can pick and choose what you want us to do, with our IT co-sourcing option.

HDS’s expert Managed IT Support services allow you to maximise the benefits of your IT service solutions while reducing your expenditure. You can select the services your business requires, whether it’s a fully Managed IT Service, Pro-Active IT Support or a tailored service package based on specific requirements, we can provide it.

The disadvantages of Break-Fix Support:

  • Your IT support provider has no real incentive to fix your network problems to the highest degree – They make money every time you have a problem, and the longer they take, the more they earn.
  • There is no incentive for them to invest in network management tools.
  • You don’t benefit from the latest network management and automation systems.
  • Response times can vary and there are few guarantees on what will be provided.
  • If your IT support provider has to attend to the same problem multiple times, you will be billed more than once.
  • Break-Fix support is an “Agency Dilemma” – You rely on a service provider to fix and support your system, but they do not have the incentive to achieve the quality you require, as they rely on repeat business.

The advantages of Managed Services:

  • A monthly fee means your network will be constantly kept up and running.
  • There is no maximum amount of time you can use your service provider for – If you experience continuing issues, services will be provided at no extra cost.
  • There IS an incentive for your service provider to maintain your system to the highest level – both parties require the network to remain 100% stable, as downtime means a loss of productivity for you, and a loss of technical support time for the service provider.
  • Providers use enterprise-level automation and monitoring systems, which bring a range of benefits and mean fast response times when any problems arise.
  • Proactive maintenance helps achieve optimal network stability.
  • Your provider will be using the latest network management systems, and service levels will be guaranteed.

We also provide managed IT Security solutions including Intrusion Prevention, DDoS Mitigation, 2 Factor Authentication, Content Delivery and Anti Scraping Services.

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