IT Co-sourcing in Auckland


Utilise HDS professionals working alongside your internal IT staff

Co-sourcing is a business method where a company’s IT services are carried out by the company own internal staff and by staff from an entirely separate IT service provider. Co-sourcing leaves your staff free to concentrate on their main duties.

HDS – the perfect partner for IT Co-sourcing

Combining expert knowledge and extensive experience with proven security, optimization and e-commerce solutions, HDS can help your business go from strength to strength – by co-sourcing your IT services.

At HDS our staff have a wealth of experience and knowledge and we’ve got the expert staff you need, and we can provide them as and when you need them.

IT Co-sourcing
As your co-sourcing IT support provider, we deal with the headaches of recruiting, training, managing and retaining expert IT staff so you don’t have to. Our clients still use their own IT staff to concentrate on their core duties, but reducing your staffing costs provides benefits beyond saving on salary costs: it also saves your HR department the time they would have spent on processing new staff – giving you extra time to get your IT projects aligned with your company’s aims.


IT support without the overheads

If you would like to outsource your IT for at least 3 months, and want to avoid investing in infrastructure or recruitment, then co-sourcing could be the answer to your problems.

One of the greatest benefits of co-sourcing is the lower overheads. It’s becoming more and more difficult to find, employ and retain IT engineers – and it’s especially challenging to find ones with the wide range of skills to cope with the variety of IT problems that are likely to come up. You might find you need virtualisation experts, networking engineers, load-balancing virtuosos… and find all those skills in one person is increasingly unlikely. But it’s equally unlikely that you’d need a full-time employee to cover each role.


Why Co-Sourcing?

As co-sourcing involves working together with your service provider, it means you benefit from more transparency and gain more control over the way the co-sourced services are implemented. A quality co-sourcing provider works closely with their client, making themselves available twenty-four hours a day. And they’re not just stranger on the end of the phone – they’re newfound, dependable, knowledgable colleagues.

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