Managed Backup Services in Auckland


Intelligent Business Continuity

HDS offer quality control based around Six Sigma, which combined with our extensive technical knowledge and expertise, results in a combination of local management with both on and offsite options, which when complemented with our proactive remote monitoring and management, incident management, planning and optimization assistance results in a managed backup provider who are the best you can find in the industry.

HDS’s managed backup services solution allows you to retain ownership of your backup technology in partnership with us. We ensure that all regulatory requirements are met whilst keeping costs under control using our industry-leading data backup technologies.


Managed Backup

Keep Vital files safe and sound

It is widely known that unrecoverable data costs businesses millions every year. However, most businesses still insist on retaining control of their own backup and data. HDS’s securely hosted managed backup service solution reduces the risk of losing your data with failed or missed backups or recoveries, by putting the responsibility into the hands of a professional managed backup service provider.

Our streamlined process allows managed data backups to preserve your data, maintain its integrity and keep your business operating without the stresses of potential data loss.


Key Benefits of HDS Managed Backup

  • Low Cost of Ownership: A fully managed data backup and restore solution for the same or less than a capital purchase that you have to manage yourself
  • Total Peace of Mind: Thanks to centralized management and monitoring by our NOC team, you can rest assured that your business data is safe and being handled by experts. Which means you can focus on your business
  • Reduce Your Day-to-Day Operating Costs: While most solutions require full backups periodically or in some cases daily, our solution only requires an initial full backup then from that point stores only incremental file changes and as it is cloud-based, it is saving you money in storage space, data transfer costs and server load
  • Safeguard Business Information: Since the solution takes backups in terms of changes, you will be able to recover files, even older revisions
  • Ensure Business Continuity: Backup your most critical business applications to ensure that you can get quick access to restore systems that would have the most impact to your day-to-day operations if they were down
  • Increase Productivity and Decrease Downtime: With our rapid restore capabilities, we will minimize the costs associated with lost productivity and downtime
  • Detailed Reporting Information: No longer will you be unsure of how well your data is protected. We will provide you with reports monthly/quartely that let you know that your data is safe!


In Summary

What the package includes:

  • 24/7 365 Backup Service
  • Service levels match In Depth SLAs

Backup is business critical and to offload this function to a competent and reliable services partner such as HDS allows your organisation to focus on what is your core role – the running of your actual business or organisation.

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