Fully Managed IT Services in Auckland


All inclusive Managed IT Service providing a reliable, trouble free IT Infrastructure

Our managed IT services are specialist, high-quality services backed by many years of professional expertise. We know that fully-working IT is essential to your business, coupled with the fact that IT failures will cost you money.

Perhaps you find that your own staff cannot cope effectively with problems, or that you cannot afford to get the professionals you need to work in-house. That is where HDS’s managed IT services come in. We can give you the experienced IT staff and fast problem resolution you need at a price you can afford.

We always work with our clients and communicate with them to make sure we are delivering the service they want. We offer regular update reports, face-to-face service management, and support ticket tracking so our clients always know what we are doing for them, and more importantly, why we are doing it.


HDS Fully Managed IT – What’s Included:

  • 24/7 365 Fully Managed IT Infrastructure
  • Proactive monitoring of all IT systems
  • Use of Best of Breed Technolgies to give you the best Service
  • Monthly Service delivery reports – Breakdown of service / support tickets.
  • Frequent face-to-face Service Delivery Management
  • Support tickets – Always know the status of your support ticket via our user friendly portal or by email
  • In depth SLA’s
  • Full Firewall Management

As with new cars, unless you regularly service and maintain your vehicle, problems that could have been caught very early on have now evolved into costly repair bills.

IT Technology is no different. Buying a new server and walking away from it will certainly cause problems sooner than you think. Your server is the lifeline of your business; it houses your data, files, folders and runs your emails, smart phones and business critical applications. If your IT estate is not regularly “serviced”, then the risk of there being a problem will be high and the impact of this problem would more than likely hurt your business.

Even if you have an IT department in place, they may not be have the skills to solve many of the modern problems with IT systems. In most cases it will be unpractical and not cost effective to have an internal IT department.

Due to the complexity of the tasks and the costs involved, taking up a Managed IT Service will often be the best long term solution for the management of IT systems.

At HDS, we are proud of our fully managed IT services and strive to deliver service excellence to all of our clients


Expert IT Service Delivery

Managed IT Services
HDS uses best of breed technologies to fully manage your IT infrastructure.

Our tools allow our team of experienced IT professionals to:

    • Pro-actively monitor each and every event log produced by your servers to catch issues before they become widespread and affect your users by alerting our Network Operations Centre to address.
    • Keep all your servers and user PCs, Laptops, Smart Phones, Tablets up to date with the latest patches for its respective software / operating system.
    • Apple support – MACS, iPads, iPhones
    • Keep all your servers and workstations antivirus up to date.
  • Allow our engineers to remote in to your servers or users workstation to fix problems as quickly as possible.
  • Pro-actively ensure your backups are always complete and successful – Too often do we see clients who have no idea if their backup job was successful or not.
  • Remove/amend existing user and add new users to your system.
  • Pro-actively alert us when disk space is almost nearing its capacity.
  • Historical reporting and trending for capacity planning e.g. disk space utilization over ‘x’ months and prediction over the next ‘x’ months
  • Self-healing – Automatic restart of critical services that have failed e.g. Email or Blackberry service have failed and are automatically restarted
  • Inform you when your printer is almost out of ink or paper and have this ordered up and ready to go.
  • Managed anti-spam / email protection system in the cloud or on premises
  • Managed Internet control – As an example, allow HR to access facebook only to view profiles and not to interact with wall post, facebook chat etc whilst ensuring all other departments have no access to facebook whatsoever.
  • Help you create and enforce sensible IT usage policy – Ensure you are compliant to the various laws governing IT use for businesses.
  • Manage your change requests for your firewalls, switches and other devices.
  • Pick up the phone and talk straight away with our experts – No layers or complexity in trying to speak to the right people.
  • Best of breed helpdesk allowing you to see what “support” tickets have been raised, status of each ticket and how we are performing against your service level agreements.
  • Frequent Service delivery management meetings with your service delivery manager to ensure you are happy with the service and to discuss about your infrastructure so you are always in the know.
  • Monthly service reports showing you the number of tickets, type of tickets, break down of ticket by issue type and general executive summary so you can always see the value HDS is giving to your business.
  • All of the above can be done 24/7 also.


HDS Fully Managed IT Services – The benefits

In today’s market, businesses need to adapt to survive, and that’s why we make our managed IT services scalable and adaptable. You can change your services to fit your needs.

If we’re responsible for your IT, then we’re responsible for your IT. We’ll pro-actively monitor your systems so we can resolve potential problems before they become tangible problems, and we provide service level agreements for your peace of mind.

We’ll enable your IT staff to focus on strategy by taking the burden of everyday IT administration off their hands.

We’ll keep your IT refreshed and up-to-date and we’ll take on any IT projects you require for a flat-fee, so there’s no need to worry about those unexpected outgoings.

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