Managed WAN Optimisation in Auckland


Achieve LAN speeds in your WAN environment through proactive management

Your WAN is critical to a large portion of your operations. HDS’s WAN optimisation services will improve your service with:

  • Increased productivity with up to 50X application acceleration thanks to our acceleration algorithms
  • Branch and datacentre consolidation
  • Simultaneously optimzed email, web, file sharing and video
  • Cloud economics
  • Increased data protection without the hassle but with lower costs
  • 80% increase in issue resolution speed
  • Compression and caching
  • Application control and visibility technologies


WAN Optimisation

Network Optimisation = High Return of Investment (ROI)

Network optimisation with a WAN accelerator solution improves application performance across the WAN typically 5 to 50 times, and can reduce WAN bandwidth

Utilising solutions that incorporate multi features such as Application Acceleration, WAN optimization, Wide Area File Services (WAFS), Quality of Service (QoS) and Traffic Shaping and Caching result in a high ROI. utilisation by 65 to 95%.


Ensure delivery of business critical applications

Organisations’ networks and applications are increasingly vulnerable to the adverse effects of peer-to-peer and recreational Internet traffic such as BitTorrent, Facebook and YouTube. A single bandwidth-hogging employee using a P2P application may result in the entire branch office suffering from slow CRM access or degraded VoIP quality.

QoS immediately ensures that the applications running the business are running unimpeded on the WAN. It is not just prioritization, but includes sophistication to combat congestion and rate control shaping to make sure flows get the bandwidth they need.

With both compression and QoS, WAN optimisation will turn an expensive and low-bandwidth WAN into a strategic asset that will perform better, deliver more, and ensure business priorities are met.

Our Managed WAN Optimisation is a new kind of managed network optimisation service designed to provide uninterrupted application delivery across the whole of your wide area network (WAN). This service will ensure that your WAN runs without interruptions, enabling your organisation to function at peak efficiency.

HDS’s managed WAN Optimisation aggregates techniques like compression, caching, error correction and protocol Optimisation into a single function, reducing your costs and improving your services for all your users.

In Summary

What the package includes:

  • Detailed Optimisation plan on sign-up
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Outage notification SLA
  • Performance monitoring
  • Online portal and detailed, near real-time reporting
  • Regular appliance analysis and tuning
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