Mobile Device Management in Auckland


Get the Most out of Smartphones and Tablets

Mobile Device Management

  • Extension of current IT management plan to mobile devices
  • Protection of vital business data
  • Automation of generic mobile helpdesk requests
  • Central management of all mobile devices that access your network


The Mobile Business World

In the modern, technology rich working world, many companies are encouraging their users to take advantage of mobile devices on a daily basis. It is vital that your IT Management reflects this.

As mobile devices become more advanced, more and more business data is being both created and exchanged using them. Companies are finding that their users are using Smart phones and Tablets almost as much as PC’s and Laptops, requiring them to extend their IT system management to include these devices.

Our Mobile Device Management Service can help boost the effectivness of mobile devices and help your business get the most of out them.


In Summary

What the package includes:

  • Automatic email configuration and synchronisation between devices
  • Collection of performance data
  • Location tracking of mobile devices
  • Ability to sound an alarm on the device to help locate it.
  • Locking, resetting and Wiping of Mobile devices
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