Server and Network Monitoring in Auckland

Our Server and Network Monitoring service will improve and prevent issues on your network

The work doesn’t stop after deploying your newly purchased network or server equipment – HDS’s Server and Network Monitoring Service allows businesses to put their minds at rest that their equipment will be being monitored around the clock, 365 days a year, in order to maintain all critical equipment throughout its lifecycle.

Server and Network Monitoring
HDS’s Monitoring Service helps minimise the risks associated with implementing new technology into a business, allowing IT teams to keep their focus on their main priorities. HDS’s monitoring agents are quick and easy to install with minimal impact to the business.

HDS’s Server and Network Monitoring Service allows businesses to accelerate deployment of their technologies, and speed up project timelines, whilst ensuring that their IT investment is suitable for their specific needs. Clients can plan ahead by using trend analysis, guaranteeing all critical server and networking equipment is maintained at a healthy state.

HDS proactively alert businesses about any resources which are about to fail or are in any danger, and will plan an upgrade or maintenance programme around the businesses schedule in order to minimise disruption. Discovery reports also aid asset management across all hardware and software.

Payment is made in advance on an annual subscription and is based on the number of devices which need to be monitored. When adding a new device to your system, let HDS know and monitoring will begin on the equipment in around an hour.

HDS are also able to provide a Managed Service or Support contract alongside a Server and Network Monitoring Service, meaning HDS can take care of any issues that may arise in the monitoring of a business’s equipment. HDS are also able to deliver, install and configure Server and Networking equipment.

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