Emergency IT Support


Emergency IT support with fully qualified professionals

Whether it’s a slow-running network, a sudden lack of internet access or email, lost data, a virus, a crashed PC or problems with your ISP, our trained IT support professionals can deal with it.


How long will it take the engineer to arrive?

If you’ve signed up for our support emergency support package, our engineer will be on-site by the end of the next working day – although, we can normally provide a solution remotely as soon as you call.

However, if you’ve signed up for one of our IT Support packages, we’ll send out an engineer as soon as we have one available – and if there’s already one available, that’ll be immediately!


But you won’t know our network!

Emergency IT Support
Of course, we can’t promise that we’ll know your network inside out as soon as we walk in to your building, but the vast majority of businesses have very similar network configurations – if it’s PC-based and running Microsoft software, we’ll be able to provide a solution.


Can you provide a fixed cost?

We are able to provide an estimate based on time required for jobs of a similar nature. To ensure as accurate an estimate as possible, please provide as much information about the problem and your network set-up as you are able to. If you are unable to provide any information about your network – don’t worry; we’ll be able to work it out. We will not be able to supply an estimate in this case until an engineer has visited you on-site.


How much will it cost?

With our Emergency Support service, we’ll send one of our IT Support engineers out to you and resolve your problem for just $110.00 per hour (plus GST).


Special offer!

As an introductory offer for new customers, we’ll give you a $15 discount per hour for the first on-site visit. In other words, you’ll pay just $95.00 per hour (plus GST).

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