IT Support for Dental Practices


HDS Dental Practices IT support services

HDS has provided IT support solutions to Dental Practices for many years and is experienced in the way they operate specifically understanding the various major brands of practice management software used within the industry.

IT Support for Dental Practices

Dental Practices, like many health services are moving away from paper based records and moving to IT enabled automated more efficient solutions. When running automated practice management IT solutions, you may come across problems that you are unable to deal with such as the the software company blaming the network and hardware and vice versa. This all leads to issues with your practice manager having to waste valuable time coordinating between the two. With HDS’s dental practice IT support we will ensure that your complete IT systems are running smoothly ensuring you can worry about growing and keeping your practice thriving.

HDS can provide the right level of cost effective IT support that your dental practice needs. With our experience at providing Dental practices with IT support, you can focus on what your business does best. We provide multiple options of services, such as proactive server monitoring, allowing us to monitor and fix problems with your IT before it affects your day to day practice’s operations and also offer online backup services to ensure your practice’s IT is always 100% ready and available.


Benefits of IT Support for Dental Practices:

  • Cost effective IT Support solutions for Dental Practices
  • Work more efficiently with virtualized desktops if required
  • Managed Online Backup to ensure you meet compliance with local care trusts
  • Managed firewalls keeps your patient data confidential
  • Managed servers insure your data is always available when you need it
  • Dental Practice IT support that is tailored to your practice’s needs
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