IT Support for Estate Agents


When implementing IT Systems and Support for Estate Agents, making the right choices at every stage of the project is fundamental to the success of your branch. HDS’s bespoke IT Support Services for Estate Agents have been specifically developed to meet the IT requirements that are present in the faced passed real estate industry.

IT Support for Estate Agents

As well as all the standard features of our IT Support Services, we will also ensure that all the specialist software you use to market properties is fully compatible with your hardware. This will allow you to have peace of mind that your systems will not let you down when you are in pursuit of a sale.

HDS can also provide out of hours IT Support for your estate agency practice if required. This means that not only will we continue to monitor your network infrastructure 24 hours a day; we will also be available for any IT issues that occur out of normal business hours such as a staff members remote systems failing when they are working abroad in a different time zone. This will provide you with true business continuity and the knowledge that you can continue to function during any IT issues.


Benefits of IT Support for Estate Agents

  • Business Continuity
  • We will ensure all your property management software is compatible with your hardware
  • Out of hours support available as an extra – For staff working abroad
  • Remote support for travelling staff
  • Information sharing – We will ensure that shared systems are always available, allowing your practice to operate more efficiently
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