IT Support for Financial Organisations


The recent changes in the economic environment have contributed to the growing need for high level IT Support services in the banking and finance industry. There is a greater need for IT security and risk management as well as a higher focus on regulations and compliance, all of which our IT Support services can provide.


IT Support for Financial Organisations

Risk Management

It is possible for us to integrate a full risk management solution into your IT Support package to provide full coverage against the many IT risks which are present in the financial sector today. There are several types of risk that can seriously affect your operations and revenue, including poor monitoring of exchange fluctuations and data loss. It is important to have a robust system in place to detect these risks and assess and implement the best solution to stop the risk affecting your financial organisation.


Potential IT risks for financial organisations:


Mitigation Service

Datacentre Disasters Disaster Recover, Managed Backup
Loss of Sensitive Data Intrusion Prevention
Network Threats UTM Capable firewalls, SIEM
Vulnerable Areas of your network UTM Capable firewalls, SIEM
Spyware Antivirus, Antispam via UTM Capable firewalls
File Based Threats UTM Capable Firewalls


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