IT Support for Schools


HDS’s unique approach to providing IT support for schools is built on our understanding that every school is different and will therefore have varied IT and Support requirements.

Our pro-active IT Support service for schools is perfect for education institutions that want to embrace the digital age and increase the amount of digital devices in the teaching environment. It is this increase in the use of digital devices that many internal IT teams cannot manage efficiently and is the main driving factor behind schools and colleges turning to IT Support providers.

IT Support for Schools

We believe that by working together with schools and colleges to develop the right IT solutions we can help deliver academic targets through well optimised, managed IT. We have partnerships with many industry leading vendors and can utilise these partnerships to help deliver IT systems which are geared towards creating an IT system built specifically for the requirements of each school.


Secure Network Environment

In today’s digital focused environment, it is vital for schools and colleges to be able to provide a secure network infrastructure to both students and staff. HDS’s IT Support, if bundled with some of our managed security services will help deliver a secure base for the school to focus on achieving academic targets without having to worry about problems such as data loss, digital plagiarism and illegal downloads.


School IT Network Audit

HDS will begin by examining in some detail the current IT infrastructure of the school and explain in simple terms to a relevant member of staff the current state of the system and outline how an IT Support service from HDS will increase the efficiency and improve the learning environment for staff and students alike.


IT Support for Schools Key Benefits:

  • Custom built IT Support – Every school is different so the support will be built from the ground up
  • IT Support to help schools increase the amount of digital devices
  • Achieve academic targets through well managed IT
  • Secure network access for students and staff
  • Secure network environment
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Hassle free infrastructure management
  • Cost effective, long term technology focused – Not short term fixes
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